Buyer Information

The Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction is the premier agricultural event of the annual Wisconsin State Fair.

It is a time to socialize with colleagues and members of the agriculture community while supporting the educational and agricultural pursuits of Wisconsin's youth. The auction receives electronic and print media attention throughout the Midwest. In addition, individuals or corporations we make it easy to for buyers to donate the animals that were purchased to our Scholarship Fund and other charitable organizations. 

Auction buyers are actively supporting Wisconsin Youth.  Buyers are recognized at the auction, in post-auction media and signage.  Buyers are encouraged to parner with individuals and corporations to form buying syndicates.  All buyers receive a commerative photograph of their purchase with the junior exhibitor, animal purchased and Governor Walker.   

A percentage of the proceeds from each animal is retained by the Blue Ribbon Sale of Champions Foundation to cover auction expenses, and will support Scholarship, Reserve Champion, Showmanship Awards and Premier Exhibitor Awards.  Funds will also support the Foundation's management of the Fair's Camp of Champions and sponsor the annual Wisconsin Livestock Breeders’ Show Camp.


Build A Syndicate

The easiest way to get in on the action, if you choose not to purchase an animal by yourself, is to form a buying syndicate.  Many of our regular buyers are groups of smaller businesses and individuals that have formed  a syndicate to buy animals together. Some groups go on to use purchased animals as a focal point in their own fundraising dinners and corporate events. The BRSCF is glad to split up the invoice and invoice your group members individually.


 Scholarship Fund

Auction buyers are encouraged to support the future leaders in the agricultural industry by donating their purchase to the Blue Ribbon Sale of Champions Scholarship Fund.   We will sell the meat and combine the proceeds from all of the donations to increase our Scholarship Fund in the donors' names. Your donation will be acknowledged in the next year's program and on-stage as you are invited to participate in the Auction Scholarship award presentation.  With this exciting program, we have been able to continue to increase our annual scholarship fund. When you purchase an animal, just mention "Scholarship Fund" to the auction runner and we'll handle all of the rest.


 Designate A Charity

Auction buyers may designate a charity of their choice to receive the meat of the animal(s) purchased. The name of the designated charity and a contact person for the charity should be included on your signed invoice and given to the cashier. Donations will be announced at the time of your purchase. As an added convenience to Auction Buyers, non-profit organizations who would like to be considered as recipients who in attendance at the Auction will be announced.